I'm a Computer Scientist, Software Developer and a PhD Candidate at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Ahmet Emre Aladağ


My PhD research mainly focuses on Social Network Analysis and Text Mining.

My mission is to change the world, make it more habitable place for all the living things. I’m always into improving myself and my surroundings. I’m also interested in Psychology and Neuroscience.

I am a Pythonista, a deep thinker, an idealist, a book lover, an amateur photographer, a good listener, a good teacher, a good team-mate.

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Ahmet Emre Aladağ


A. E. Aladağ, S. Muderrisoglu, N. B. Akbas, O. Zahmacioglu, H. O. Bingol. Detecting Suicidal Ideation on Forums: Proof-of-Concept Study, J Med Internet Res 2018;20(6):e215

A.E. Aladağ. Istanbul Public Transportation Network Analysis, Akademik Bilişim Konferansı, 2016.

A.E. Aladağ, C. Erten, “SPINAL: Scalable Protein Interaction Network Alignment”, Bioinformatics, vol 29, pp. 917-924, 2013.

A.E. Aladağ, C. Erten, M. Sözdinler, ”Reliability Oriented Bioinformatic Networks Visualization”, Bioinformatics, vol 27, pp. 1583-1584, 2011.

A.E. Aladağ, C. Erten, M. Sözdinler, ”An integrated model for visualizing biclusters from gene expression data and PPI networks”, Proc. International Symposium on Biocomputing, no.24, 2010.

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Amazon Colleague

Ahmet is constantly looking for improvements in team's operations. He is very good on diving deep into complex problems. He is a very good team player

Amazon Colleague

He has the ability to explain things in a very simple and plain manner. Always dedicated to making sure that the pain he has gone through, in booting up, doesn't pass to the other members.

Amazon Colleague

Ahmet is absolutely good on insisting on highest standards. His code is clear and his documentation is very detailed, he helped a lot with his documentation in the wiki. He also doesn't have the fear to dive deep on customer's more obscure problems

Amazon Colleague

Ahmet gives you his best when analyzing and specifying systems in an exhaustive way.

Amazon Colleague

He is passionated about having system documented and sharing what he knows with others. Ahmet is meticulous in his writing and doesn't hesitate to jump in to dust of or maintain the team's documentation even if that wasn't required explicitly.

Amazon Colleague

Ahmet is very involved in spreading knowledge within the team, specially for new hires. He has collected a lot of information and resources about what we need to perform our daily work and put it all in one place to ease the on‐boarding for new people and also the retrieval of information for all of us.

Amazon Colleague

Ahmet tries to find ways to improve status quo. "You say there's some documentaon, let me see If I can complete it", "How do you do task X, let's try to automatise it!". He's not afraid of diving deep on any issue that falls into his hands or of spending his me on making things easier to the next SDE.

Mücahit Kantepe

It is rare to work with an engineer like Emre who has both theoretic and practical knowledge in diverse areas. I worked with him when I did not have much experience. His advice and ways of solving problems helped me a lot to improve my skills. Besides, he is always cheerful and a great motivator for everyone around him in the company. There is no doubt that he would be an exceptional leader in any company!

Dr. Uzay Çetin

Working with Ahmet Emre is a pleasure. He is hardworking, good at programming, very helpful, organized and eager to learn and adapt to new technologies. His theoretical knowledge spans a lot from complex network analysis to big data.

Melih Sözdinler

Emre is definitely research oriented and passionate to be innovative person. He proved that with his research aspect being co-author of several journal papers. In Robinviz project, we worked together and I feel myself lucky to meet with him and complete that research with one conference and journal paper. He is also a good software engineer and you can understand that from his neat coding references. He also loves sharing his ideas and being open minded, and as I follow him, he is also addictive blogger. I believe, he has a brilliant future and he will adopt any project easily. Additionally, he has good communication skills. Within project based jobs, he will be key member of any project and he can also use his communication and software abilities to lead projects.

Melih Birim

There are lots of things to say about Emre, but first thing that you are going to realize is, he is smart, and humble. During his internship at Alcatel-Lucent, Emre was a very productive intern, and within 30 days he was always keen to learn new things and eager to explain ideas behind Python and Django, even for an intern the knowledge level was over many developers we've already hired. After his intership, our friendship has kept growing, and will be.

Fatih Ergül

Ahmet has a great gift and special talents to solve unexpected problems and cases with no doubt. He is a good team player and tolerant. He is one of the few person that I hope to work again.



Scientific Research, Software Consultancy, Software Development

Data Science

Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Visualization, Data Mining, Algorithm Development

Big Data

Distributed Graph Processing, Batch Data Processing

Software Development

Web Applications (Django/Flask/NodeJS), Cloud Applications (Docker, Heroku)


Parsers, Crawlers (Scrapy)


Trainings and Seminars on Linux, Python, Django, Flask, Docker, Mesos


Software Development Consultancy


You can reach me via

aladagemre att gmail dot com